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Summer Camp

At the Soccer & Tennis Leadership Camp all are welcome! We invite any child between the ages of 6-12 to enroll with us for summer fun, no matter their skill level. The summer program is a child centered, individualized based training. It allows your child and their athletic needs to take priority in our curriculum so your child can advance at their appropriate pace. They will have the opportunity to connect with other children in their age group so they can build social skills and develop a community of their own. We engage children with fun daily physical activities and breakout leadership discussions. Participants will expand on sports competence, as well as cultivate new problem solving and decision making skills on and off the field. We don’t just build athletes, we build leaders!


After School Program

Our after school program is 5 days of fantastic fun! We create lively sports activities that center around children's interest. Introducing children to new sports skills and exercises to increase their desire to get outside and play. They are challenged to take good risks during sessions to build upon their confidence in each sport. We lead our sessions with their growth and enjoyment in mind. Kat Academy empowers children to support one another through team based learning. Get in on the fun today!


Kat Academy is not just a sports program, we are developing a community. We want you and your child to be a part of that! That’s why we have created our Kat Academy Apparel. We want our participants and parents to feel a sense of pride as a community member. They represent our values and mission. We love knowing our participants and parents highlight them on and off the field.  Don’t just play as a team member, represent our community with our Kat Academy Apparel.


Get your Academy gear today!
*Online Store Coming Soon*
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