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Give your child a sense of community and the foundational skills to lead throughout their life!

We want to build up our community of young athletes in a multitude of ways. We believe in the investment and mentorship of the children who join our program. Our mission is to build fundamental skill sets in soccer and tennis, as well as provide space for children to take the lead. They deserve the opportunity to excel in sports and in their daily life. Partner with Kat Academy so we can nurture this next generation!

Hi, I'm Kat!

Hi, I’m the founder and head coach, Katerina Bezhani! I am excited to have the opportunity to expose the next gen to this revolutionary program because I know the impact it can make. I know what it feels like to lack a sense of community. I also know the effects it has on your sense of self and voice as a child. I grew up as an immigrant traveling from country to country. Constantly struggling to truly fit in and find a safe space of my own.



I was introduced to sports. In that experience I didn’t just find fun games I loved, but I found myself. I found belief. I discovered my voice and the confidence to advocate for myself. I found a community in my team because it no longer mattered where I was from, all that mattered was the fun we had while we played the game. 


The feeling of coming into my own has stayed with me as I advanced in my career as a sports coach. I have worked with youth for 8+ years! Dedicating 6 years of my career to sporting non-profit organizations like Americorp and Starfinder. I have trained to become certified not only as a coach but an inclusion and diversity leader in the sports community. The desire to pass on the empowerment I experienced in my youth is why I developed Kat Academy, because I want children to reach their full potential.

What makes Academy members game-changing leaders?

R.E.A.C.H. is an acronym we strive to live by, our 5 key values that shape the Kat Academy program. As a sports and leadership program, we want to R.E.A.C.H. for more and push ourselves to go the extra mile. Developing our youth to be skilled athletes and capable leaders. 

What does that look like? 


We want to see our youth bold and confident, stepping up as leaders in their own community and endeavors! We practice and teach a growth mindset to our program participants. We encourage all of our participants to step out of their comfort zones both physically and mentally within a safe nurturing environment.


That is why “Youth Voice and Choice” is a fundamental part of how we run our program. Yes, Kat Academy is a child centered coaching program! We support child self determination and power-sharing between children and adults. 


Research shows that supporting youth independence allows children to foster: self-reliance, self-confidence, sensitivity towards others, self-motivation, and build decision-making skills. 


We want to help support your child's developmental journey in a fun, inclusive, interactive way!





Hard work

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