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Our Mission

Kat Academy empowers youth to act boldly and confidently! Bringing the benefits of outdoor play back to the forefront, we combine high quality outdoor training with character building exercises.


We develop our participants social, emotional and physical skills on and off the field. Our academy cultivates a nurturing environment that promotes fun, safety, and inclusivity.


We understand the value of the next generation and seek to create a safe space for youth to play, learn, grow and thrive.

Kat Acadamy_Figures-01_edited.png

Pumping Up The Value With...

Exciting outdoor play that allows our participants to break away from screen time and engage in healthy, energizing physical activity! 


High quality coaching that equips our participants with the foundational skills needed to move forward in recreational sports!


Youth voice and choice to empower our participants and to get them thinking and performing as leaders!


Transforming athletes into community leaders through intentional, youth centered programming.

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